Life is a journey that begins at conception and ends at death. It is filled with changes of times, seasons and directions that require us to make life impacting decisions as we adjust and respond to new challenges and opportunities.

For Christians, The Journey takes on a supernatural dimension; that of discovering, pursuing and fulfilling the divine purpose for which God created us and Jesus redeemed us. God has a plan for your life, family, career, finances, health, church and community and He has a plan for this season of your life and your future.

The most successful life is one lived in pursuit of God’s divine purpose. He created each of us with purpose that continues to be revealed as we continue The Journey. In this group we study in depth the biblical principles that bring order and direction to our every day lives and release God’s supernatural power and gifts in us so that we can fulfill His will in every area and season of The Journey.

This small group is for everyone; men and women, senior citizens, middle-agers, young adults and teenagers, couples and singles. Join us for great fellowship, refreshments and exciting and challenging adventures as we explore the Bible and discover what God’s word says about our past, present and future. If you’re not dead, God’s not done and there is purpose yet to be discovered and pursued.

For more information or to register for this group, email Pastor Ron at

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