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From Pastor Bryan:
Have you ever struggled with how to effectively read and study the Bible? Have you wondered how to apply the stories and principles to your life? Don’t worry! You are not alone. For years, I struggled with how to practically apply the Bible to my everyday life. Then, in the course of my reading, I came upon a simple study principle called S.O.A.P. and it revolutionized my daily study of the Bible. Take a look…


S.O.A.P. stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.

Take your time reading each chapter and allow God to speak to you. Look for a verse that stood out to you and write down in a notebook or journal.
What do you think God is saying to you in this passage of Scripture? Ask Holy Spirit to teach you and reveal Jesus to you. Paraphrase in your own words and write the scripture in your journal.
Make it your own, by asking yourself how it applies to your life right now. Write down how you will apply the truth of this Scripture to your life today.
This can be as simple as asking God to show you how to use this scripture, or it may be a greater insight on what He may be revealing to you. Prayer is a two-way conversation. So take time to listen to what God has to say and write it down.

Another incredibly helpful online resource that has changed the way I personally study the Bible is You can use it from a desktop or laptop or from any smart phone or tablet. It has many, many different reading plans as well as over 1,200 Bible versions. Check it out below…


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