FlipSide Youth

We are more than a youth ministry. We are called by God and set apart by the love of Christ and we refuse to be quite about it. We will be known in our schools, homes and neighborhoods by our passion for Jesus.

Our generation has the potential to be the greatest generation the world has ever seen. With hardships and challenges facing us, we can either give in or become agents of change. We will disrupt with lifestyles marked by compassion, love and purpose. We know God has a plan for our lives that brings true joy and wholeness.

We will not be silenced. We will not back down. We will pursue our purpose. We will declare the love of Christ. WE WILL TURN OUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN.

We meet every Sunday at 6:00pm at our ROCK Central Location. To stay up to date on the latest FlipSide events, follow us on Instagram Facebook or email johnfuller@rockchurch.cc

For Information about our summer conference and register for Motion 17, go here.

Those who have turned their world upside down have come here too. – Acts 17:6